Guy Y. Cornejo Maceda

PhD student at LIMSI-CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, France.
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I’m a PhD student under the direction of Prof. Bernd R. Noack and CNRS research director François Lusseyran. My research interest is flow control and specially exploring/discovering noteworthy dynamics thanks to machine learning techniques.

We developed a machine learning software — xMLC, Machine Learning Control — to tame nonlinear complex systems. The purpose of xMLC is to solve non-convex minimization problems, whether in simulation and experiment, that are typically at the heart of control problems.

Our software and tools have been developed to analyze and control the Fluidic Pinball, a fluid control benchmark, geometrically simple yet presenting remarkable dynamics.

We work in close collaboration with Prof. Marek Morzynski of Poznan University of Technology for the numerical simulations and Prof. Luc Pastur of ENSTAParis and Nan Deng, PhD student at ENSTAParis, for the analysis and modeling of the Fluidic Pinball.